Monday, May 10, 2010


So yesterday I decided to start cleaning around the house and getting it into better functioning order. Jay is going to be in training so I want things to go as smoothly as possible while he's not here to help me with the kids. So that being said, I unpacked the last 6-8 boxes yesterday and cleaned out the guest room. We've moved the toy box into there and set up the jumperoo. There is still a little bit of shuffling needing to be done but I'm sure I'll have it in good order come next week. I need to go to my mom's to get a bed she offered me for Jayson and then sometime I plan on finding a futon or some kind of seating to go into the play room so I can sit in there and read while the kids play. I like the idea of not having a bunch of toys in the living room when Jay and I sit down to watch tv at night so that's why I decided it's time to set up a play room. Also, I'm tried of Jayson's room being a disaster area. It's a pain to try to put his clothes away when I'm stepping on wrestlers or cars, or trying to put him to bed! Oh It's a nightmare. At least if I get that seating in the play room, I will have a place to sit and make sure he cleans up. He doesn't do so well when he isn't being supervised. I moved so much and cleaned so much that I'm actually sore today. That's kinda crazy to me. I didn't think anything I was doing was that strenuous.

Yesterday, being Mother's Day started out alright. Jay made breakfast and it was delicious but that was pretty much it for Mother's Day. On with our lives! Then this morning, Jay wakes me up at like 5:45am asking me if I had seen his motorcycle helmet. Last time I know it was accounted for was when he drove home from duty for dinner. After that he took the truck for the night so he had some way of bringing the PS3, his laptop and dvd case back. So early on Monday morning was the first time he actually thought "Hey, where is my helmet?" Well, knowing him, he probably left it on the bike, or the back of the truck when he came in for his dinner break thinking he would be riding the bike back out. Well when I said take the truck, he probably didn't think anything of the helmet and it either was stolen or fell off the back of the truck when he drove back to duty. So now we have to buy him another helmet and those things are not cheap.

Now, I sit here wondering when does life calm down? When will there be a day that I'm not mad, heartbroken, sad or dealing with a sick child? Will there be a just happy day again? When did those stop? I'm not depressed I'm just realizing that life is mean. This post-deployment is much harder than our last. I think that is partly to blame and then there is life that is mixed in to add a little bit of craze to the process of trying to become a family again.

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