Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Itsy Bitsy Step At A Time!

So after spending yesterday in this mope like state, being cranky and ready to snap at anyone who looks at me funny, I got an ok night of sleep and decided when I woke up that I would find a way to do some wii fit this morning. I know it's not much but I gotta start some where right? I need a shower but with Eli that is very difficult. He doesn't like me leaving him alone and there isn't really any place to leave him that's baby proofed completely so I can leave him unattended, well besides his crib but he gets pissed at that. So I'm going to wait until nap time to complete that task. But since I'm stinky I can probably get some stuff done around the house. I need to sweep and mop the downstairs. I need to catch up on laundry. Lemme tell ya, the only ONLY down side to cloth diapering is having to stop once you get on a roll with laundry to wash some diapers. They need extra care once a month, stripping them so they maintain their absorbency and don't start to smell every time urine touches them. But I enjoy not having to buy disposables. I hated that smell in my trash can. Now I have a separate little can on my dryer that holds my cloth diapers and for some reason those don't smell as bad as my trash can did with disposables.

After my shower, which I plan on running for as soon as I lay Eli in his crib at nap time... C'mon 9:30!! LOL Maybe I'll be able to blow dry my hair for the 2nd time in a row instead of just throwing it up in a pony tail which I've been sporting for about 2.5-3 years now. Wonderful huh? Then if Eli isn't screaming from his crib, I'll throw on some foundation and slowly add until I'm finished. Because with my luck I'll get foundation on, one eye with shadow and Eli will start screaming in his crib or Jayson will cause a ruckus down stairs. Yes, I said ruckus. I'm so old! If I can keep up this hoge poge of a routine then maybe I'll start feeling a little better about myself. Then I can start adding to my very limited make up bag and wardrobe! I'm feeling a little better about myself today. I've actually let out what I needed to let out and now that I know why I feel the way I do, I can start taking the steps to change it. Lets just see how long this motivation keeps up.

Eventually, I also need to go out and tend to my garden! LOL  It's been a few days because of the rain that didn't hit until yesterday! I'll get out there today no matter whether it's raining or not. It needs to be tended to or I won't have beautiful veggies in a few months!

Well, the boys are done with breakfast and begging me to turn on some tv or entertain them so off we go!

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