Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden Week Five! Exciting!

So I decided to take my next set of photos for the garden! I had to go through my posts to figure out which week this is! LOL I should be keeping better track! Somewhere I missed a week for photos but oh well! Here are the newest!

This is a whole garden shot. Nope still no tomato cages but there are stakes all around the tomato plant trunk. LOL 
The second picture is that first tomato (and another) at it's current size. He's got a little while left to grow but he's looking YUMMY!
The third picture is my middle plant, it's finally got a little 'mater growing!

This is the last tomato plant growing it's tiny little tomato! I'm so excited already have 4 tomatoes bloomin! Hopefully I'll see more!

These are my cucumber plants! They are looking awesome! I may need to put some more ties so the vines don't droop to much once the cucumbers start weighing them down.

It's the start of a CUCUMBER!! YAY!

Baby bell pepper! WOOO HOOO!

Look at all those blossoms!

This cucumber plant is holding on for dear life. I think more ties are in his future!


Above is my watermelon plant... it's growing!

  They are all starting to grab a hold of the bamboo stakes I have for them to grow up. It's so awesome how these plants grow!

I'm so proud of this garden! I can't wait to do more! I want to plant a larger one next time! Maybe some cabbage or lettuce! This is so motivating!


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