Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amazing Weekend

Friday was a bit of a hectic day. We tried to buy a van. LOL Yes, I said Tried. We tried and failed. I knew better. We have one income and two vehicle loans. The motorcycle and the truck. We would prefer to keep the truck and most dealerships won't take a motorcycle as a trade in. Oh well, at least we tried right?

Saturday, we went to the farmers market with some friends. It was fun but pretty hot. I got tomatoes, corn, watermelon, a loaf of jalapeno cheddar sour dough and 2 small home made bars of soap for the boys. I was just gonna get one bar of soap but Jayson bit one when I asked him to smell it, thinking it was a candy bar. It was hilarious, we all got a good laugh including the vendor operator. LOL We were there about 2 hours and by that time I was dying. LOL It was pretty hot. Jayson needed to use the potty so we found some port-a-johns and by the time we were done, I was melting! I forgot how hot those things get. It reminded me of using the port-a-john in Kuwait. GEEZ! When we got home, I made sandwiches with some of the bread, a tomato and some lunch meat. WOW! It was amazing! Then we got to cleaning because we were going out that night and our friends were gonna come over to baby sit the boys. For some crazy reason, Jay and I got into an argument and called off going out. Stupid of us because we ended up going out anyway with the kids. LOL We argue to much and make silly rash decisions before talking it out and seeing if we simmer down. Oh well, we live and we learn don't we?  So we all went out to Red Lobster and had a blast. I'm glad we ended up going out with the kids because they were actually really good. Jay's going to training for a while and it was a good thing for us to all do something as a family. We ended the night with Halo 3 & beer. Always a good time in the 'O' Household. :)

Today started out lazy. Jay and I played halo 3. We had watermelon and cinnamon toast for breakfast. The boys played around on the floor with each other fairly well today. It was just a great day. Then I decided I was gonna make lasagna for dinner so Jay & Jayson ran to the store for a few things. I also made an ice cream cake. Dinner was delicious and easy. I for some reason get lazy and stop cooking nice big meals for a small span of time and when I come back to it I forget how easy it really is. The lasagna isn't hard so I don't know why I don't do it more often. It is one of Jay's favorites so I should at least try to make it once a month. Now the ice cream cake was amazingly simple and fun too. I'm impressed! I'm gonna have to start making it for when we have guests over. I hope my friends like ice cream cake!! Eli's in bed but that was the hardest part of the day. He fought it hard. I think the poor baby is teething or going through a phase because he's been a grump when it comes to bed time. I feel bad but sometimes I have to let him cry. If I let him cry for a few minutes then go up there nurse him and rock him, I can lay him down and he goes right to sleep. I guess it's kind of a ritual for us. But if I go straight to the nursing and rocking before he cries, he doesn't go down. Funny how that works huh?

Just a little side note, if you are interested in checking out the banner to the right of my blogs please feel free. It's the website that I am a sales consultant for. I will be receiving my kit of cloth diapers shortly and am open to book some parties so you & any of your friends may take a look at them to see which ones would fit your lifestyle. I'm planning on having an open house after June 1st for anyone in the area that would like to come and check out the different types of diapers. Please feel free to email me about anything on the website or setting up a party date.


  1. I love weekends with bonus family time, with home time, with real-meals time - That's the life! And it's not always possible to plan, so grab it when you can. That's kind of what tonight was for me and my baby - I was supposed to go do other things and said Nope, I'm spending time at home with my baby. And it was great.
    Farmer's market? I wanna know where it is, especially if it's kind of close!

  2. It's down town. 8th and Broad St. I'm trying to get a booth for this Saturday. Here's a link for the website.