Tuesday, May 18, 2010

37 days...I took Jay to the Airport this morning...

I've gone through two deployments, numerous TDYs, CQ Duty and random phone calls at all hours of the day & night. The military may upset me from time to time but I'm still standing. The time away from Jay doesn't hit me the way it used to. Of course I still love my husband and I miss him terribly while he's gone but I don't dwell on that and let it take over my emotions. If I spend the last week before he leaves in this upset emotional mess, what good is that? There will be low points when he's away that I just miss him and I want him home but I try not to make that a 24/7 type of thing. I go on with my days and I hold my head up. I know some of you might be reading wondering why in the world I'm writing about this when he's only going to be gone for 5 weeks (37 days). It's because yesterday Jay made the comment about me not acting like I'll miss him when he's gone. He needs to understand and I think maybe others need to hear the wife's side. Of course I'm going to miss him. Of course I feel pain that I know I'm going to be on my own with out my partner for 5 weeks but if I let go of this hold I have on my emotions I will go to the extreme other side. I won't be in control and I'll be sad, weepy and depressed. I dropped him off an hour ago and I'm already sad thinking about how long these 5 weeks are gonna be.

I have two little kids I have to take care of. If I act like spending 5 weeks away from "Daddy" is the end of the world, it will effect the kids too. I don't want it to. I want them to be strong through these because this will not be the last and most definitely isn't our first. So Jay, I do miss you but I can't act like it because Jayson will see that and it will make things harder for him. The boys need to see a strong Mommy who doesn't break down when Daddy goes away to super hero training. :D

With that I have to say, every service member and civil servant in this country is a super hero to my family. We appreciate and support you. Thank you to all of you no matter who or where you are! My children & I will always know you as super heroes! :)

Now on a happier note, my garden is GROWING!! LOL I know that's typically how it works but I'm absolutely amazed that I can actually grow stuff. It looks like I might even get a few tomatoes out of my garden! WOOO HOOO! Here are some photos from early this morning:

One last thing, We are trying to sell our motorcycle. If you or anyone you might know is interested in buying a 2007 Honda VTX1300C with around 6K miles please let me know! Here is a photo of the bike up for sale!

Check out the blog I made for Diaper Parties!

I miss & love you so much Jay. I hope these 5 weeks go by quickly and you enjoy them while you are away.


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