Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Switch to Cloth Wipes - Day 1

So I've decided to switch to cloth wipes to save a little bit more money. I bought 3 spritz bottles today and made my own solution to spray on little man's behind to wipe clean. I haven't bought any "actual" cloth wipes yet since this is a trial to see how I like it. I have several baby wash cloths that I've bought on clearance at various baby stores. I have those at my little diaper station in the living room along with the spritz bottles. So far I've changed two diapers since setting up the station, though we haven't encountered a poopy diaper, it's going fairly well. I like the idea of just putting everything into the diaper pail instead of having nasty wipes in my trash can where my 3 year old also throws things away. (He gets touchy feely with some items in the trash if they intrigue him)

The idea of not having disposable wipes in the house is unthinkable so I still have them for things like wiping my children's faces, quick clean up and things of that nature. Plus there will always be a container in the car for when we are out and about. In roughly 10 days we will be headed to Orlando to spend a week and I can't imagine using exclusively cloth wipes while away from home. Those are a few areas where I prefer the convenience over the cost. Eli seems to enjoy the process of cloth wipes more than disposables though. That is a nice upside for him. Maybe he's just interested in the fact that I'm spraying water on his behind. Either way, it's nice to have him still for a minute while I'm cleaning him. I'm sure this will grow old and he'll be back to wiggling during the process of changing his diaper.

He's napping now but I'm sure I'll have another diaper to change soon enough. I'll try to write again about how this is going tomorrow. This is completely new to me and I want to share as much of this experience with others so they can be educated about this as well. There is nothing better than saving money especially with the economy we have right now.

Here are a few questions for those of you who do use cloth wipes already. What is the difference between wash cloths and actual cloth wipes sold by stores such as Diaper Parties/Everything Birth? And if they are different/better in some sort of way, what kind do you recommend?