Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Fest!!

So yesterday morning, I decided I was going to take the kids to Spring Fest here on Fort Gordon. I asked Denise if she'd like to go so around lunch time we got together. I dropped a package off at the post office and then hung out at home until the festival started. Man, was it it a blast!!! It was family night so arm bands were 10 bucks and Jayson loved it! I took him on the Ferris Wheel and then on the Merry Go Round. While we were riding that, Jay showed up so he took Jayson on a few more rides. They had a blast. We tried deep fried oreos for the first time, delish! After a bit, Eli started getting fussy and Jayson was getting pink from being out in the sun and heat. So we headed home so Eli could settle down and Jayson could cool off and calm down. About an hour later (maybe) Denise, Jayson and I headed back to the festival while Jay, Lindsey (Denise's hubby) and Eli headed to some place to sign up for Warrior Jiu Jitzu. I just have to say, being able to go back to the festival with just Jayson and Denise was awesome. Jayson had that sparkle in his eye and just couldn't get enough of any of it. We rode some rides, had a caramel apple and then rode some more rides until the guys met up with us and we headed home about 9pm. At that time the guys were complaining of being hungry so we contemplated what to eat. Everywhere had long delivery times and so I said Denise and I could pick something up if the guys got the kids down for the night. OMG! LOL Eli went down fairly well from my understanding and Jayson was out by the time we got home. We originally planned on hitting up Zaxby's. Yeah they close at 9, it was 9:30 and as I was leaving that parking lot my gas light came on. So I drive farther down the road into town to find a gas station and a place to eat. LOL We see a Wendy's and of course the gas station is after it. So I go get gas, and go to wendy's which was really busy for a Thursday night at almost 10pm. We finally get back and eat at like 10:30pm. Man everyone was exhausted but we finished up the fight we were watching and we said our goodnights. It was a long yet fun and crazy night. Before Denise and Lindsey headed home, the guys had Denise and I laughing so hard we were tearing up. We were that tired. Everything was so funny. I think it was her soda can making a popping sound that had us cracking up and then we just kept going. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again! LOL I feel a little bit more motivated to do fun things now. Thanks Denise! :)

Now for this morning, Jay is getting promoted. It was supposed to be at 6:30am for the promotion and I didn't think getting the kids out of bed for that would have ended well for anyone. Well at 7, Jay calls me telling me they didn't have his promotion orders and they were going to squeeze them out of the S shop and then have the promotion at 8am. I was sleeping when he called and both kids were still OUT. Again, I didn't thinking forcing them awake after keeping them up late would have ended well for anyone involved so we are missing the promotion ceremony. It's alright because he'll still be a SSG when he comes home, whether we are there to see him promoted or not. I wish we could have been there but there just wasn't enough time between when he called me and when the ceremony started. We are so happy that Jay finally is being pinned his E-6. He has worked very hard for this and deserves it!!

Now lets see what else the boys and I can get into today! :)

I love you baby and I'm very proud of you!


  1. CONGRATS!!! I remember when my DH made SSG!

  2. Thanks huni...I love you too