Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coming in September!

So we went by the preschool and it is amazing!! We enrolled Jayson this morning and took a tour of the school. It was awesome. There are two classes for each age. One is for the 4 days a week class and the other is for the 2 days a week class. He will be starting in September! They will be sending us a packet of info over the summer to let us know when they will be holding Open House and anything else we need to know before the school year begins.

When we first got there, the whole place was so big that we didn't know where to go. This place is HUGE! There are several different buildings associated with the church. We finally drove around to the back and found the preschool. Jayson was so excited because he saw some of the other students coming in for class. There were three small play areas right by there fenced in and he made a point to show us those. We get inside and there are computers for checking in and two offices for the directors. One office was busy with another parent and the other office was open but empty. We wait a minute or two and the person who worked in the open office walked up. I explained why we were there and it was a fairly quick process. I enrolled Jayson in probably less than 5 minutes. (I printed, filled out and signed the registration form prior to leaving home this morning) Then we walked through the school just to see how it looked. It was absolutely amazing. We walked down the hall way and the first set of rooms we saw were for the Mother's Day Out section. They have strollers for taking the smaller children out and about. Then there were the Preschool Ministry, where the children go weekly. Then there were the rooms for every age group based on if they are the two day or the four day program. The rooms look amazing. They have a small amount of children and two teachers. I'm beyond grateful for Annie finding this place! It is amazing! I'm even thinking about going on Sunday to see how I like the church. They have so much to offer. They have tradition & contemporary services every Sunday Morning. They also have bible study for all ages, woman's ministry and men's ministry. There are so many different activities and functions for the fellowship. This would be a great way for us to get into the community and enjoy where we are living.

I really think this would a good thing for Jay and I to do for our family. We spend to much time inside away from the rest of the world. How do I expect to meet people if I don't get out and just do it?? Silly me.

Other things we have going on are Saturday there is Military Child Month Festival at Barton Field & Family Fun Day at the Stables, both here on post. There are plenty of options for us to enjoy ourselves this weekend. Then Sunday night, we have the Free Financial Peace University lesson offered at another local church that we are signed up for. I just need to print out our work book and make sure Jay is on the same page with that. Further down the road there is a Spring Fest here on post from April 29th to May 2nd. There is a Family Night and Military Appreciation Day so those look like fun! I'm glad that at least the MWR here on this post has TONS of activities for all ages now that the weather is getting nicer. I need to just get motivated and go to these things with the boys. That way we can do stuff. I have to remember that I'm now making memories for Jayson.

I need to get on the ball with looking at Williamsburg's website to see what kind of family friendly attractions they have. I'm sure there are plenty. Just need to do the research, and once I have some ideas of what we'll be doing I'll probably use here to get my thoughts into order.

I'm also tossing around the idea of starting a garden. Is it too late for that? I'm thinking about planting tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, green onions and maybe some strawberries. I know nothing about gardening so any help would be good.

Well that's all for today, I'm sure that it's plenty! LOL Now to do some research on gardening and vacation in Williamsburg.

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  1. ITs probably not too late to start gardening IF yo ubuy the plants from the store, not seeds. For tomatos, I would get an Early Girl if you like big tomatos, and a cherry tomato plant for salads, etc. Strawberries usually don't produce the first year, but if you are going ot be in your area for a few years I would definitely get some. Red bell peppers have more nutrients than green, and cost the same to raise. We also grow some different types of lettuce for fresh salads too.