Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garden - Week One & Promotion!

They are growing. The onions seem to be showing the most growth since planting them. I'm fairly impressed at how they look. I honestly thought it would take more time to weed and keep random things out of the garden (the trees drop leaves and seed pods). Jayson has seemed to give up on the gardening with me but at least he has fun while we're outside together. I'm excited to see how well they bloom. I'm already starting to think about a fall garden. I wonder if this one will be done by then or if I should consider building another one... Hmmm... Thoughts?

On another note, Jay is getting promoted! YAY!! He's worked very hard and he deserves this! He has some training coming up and then after that he'll be dropping his Warrant Officer packet. We're so excited!! C'mon September! I wanna know how everything is going to play out. I'm very impatient and I already know it's all going to work out. I can honestly say it won't work out smoothly (nothing in our life ever does) but I know it'll work out for the best. I just want to know where to expect to be in the next year or two. I'm very excited about Jay's motivation to excel, it's really amazing to see this side of him. I'm very proud of him. We're throwing around ideas of how to celebrate his promotion. I think we're just gonna do a little something at home. Eventually I'd like to go out on a 'date' with him but there is a lot of planning involved in something like that. I'd need a babysitter and the ability to not worry about how the kids would be for said babysitter. That is my bigger fear, I don't fear the babysitter but I fear my children. LOL I worry how they would act for someone watching them. I need to get over that but it's hard. Eli can be a handful and a half! LOL Anyway, I'm rambling now. Time to go back to reading... I'm on Fantasy in Death and it's proving to be an excellent read. I just am unsure of what to read after this is over. My reading "hobby" is becoming expensive at how quickly I'm finishing books. I need to utilize the library more often. :)

 Jayson took every stuffed animal he has and covered his bed before crawling in and falling asleep.

 Jay was helping Jayson give Eli a pony ride. And Below Eli is enjoying every minute of it!

My boys being sweet to each other :)
Here are some random photos to enjoy! Oh, one last thing, I'm thinking about taking up photography as a hobby. Anyone have any cameras they might suggest for a beginner trying to self learn?

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