Monday, April 19, 2010

Gardening & Eating Healthy!

So I've decided I want to eat more healthy. From the looks of things, it's going to be a big transition for the family but it's my goal this year, along with a few other things but those are for another post. LOL I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and it really hits me hard. I didn't deal with weight problems until after I had Jayson but I now know the difficulty of it. The big thing that breaks my heart is seeing children have to deal with these problems. So I've decided to try harder. One step I'm making is starting my own garden. It's going to be small and preferably transferable. I know that when I move there will probably be some vegitables, herbs and fruit that won't thrive in the new area but I'd prefer to keep costs as low as possible by taking the plants with me, depending on where we go. Over seas duty stations would be a damper on this but other than that I'm sure I can do something no matter where I go. Now to start at the top of the question list.

Being military and knowing I have to move eventually, how do I keep costs down? Can I garden out of pots or small boxes? Something that would be able to move with me? I've even seen small green house pop ups that I could purchase if I needed to for a duty station bad for the plants. This is going to have to be an investment worth it. I really want fresh foods but I have to make sure it won't turned into wasted money. So here is my question for those of you with green thumbs, experience and knowledge, how can I do this for my family?

Next, what vegetables would be the best to plant and grow? I live in Augusta, GA. I have seen several different ones offered at the PX here. There are seeds or plants already sprouted. Which would you suggest?

Any advice, knowledge, tricks of the trade would be greatly appreciated. After those first two questions have been answered and I decide on how I'm going to continue, I'm sure I'll have more questions.


  1. Being this late, and being that you aren't going to have a huge garden, I would buy the plants, not the seeds. What to grow depends on what you want to eat. This year, we are doing a variety of peppers, tomatos, cucumbers, okra, lettuce, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Vegetables don't live from year to year. If you plant a tomato plant this year, next year you have to plant a new plant. Herbs, berries, etc, live from year to year. We have our herbs in pots, and we will bring them in over winter. Google window herb garden and look at all that is available for indoor growing. Since we move so much, we are skipping berries, etc, and just growing the annual vegetables. Oh, there are also dwarf fruit trees that you can grow in a pot on your patio.

  2. Awesome!! Thank you Kate!! :) See I didn't know that vegetables don't go from year to year! I guess it should have been common sense, I see the farmers planting new seeds every year why didn't that just click for me?? LOL Awesome! :)