Friday, April 16, 2010

And I chose this "career"!

WOW! My little ones are only 3 and 8 months! Really?? I'm already dreading the running around of different sports events, school activities and tedious errands that awaits me in September. I'm sure there won't be as many as I'm fearing but I know that once Eli hits school age, my life will be full on hectic. I have to say, I give a lot of credit to Annie. She's always on the go! Doing something new, taking the kids to the park, the museum, to school or just running around doing the daily errands of a SAHM. WOW! I had to take two of them down to the hospital, cart them from one end to the other (Anyone know where the parking lot near the Family Clinic is??) just to get some numbers and a signature on a piece of paper for WIC. Then I took the kids over to WIC. I get in there and realize that I forgot ALL my paperwork besides the one from the hospital. Fortunately I was 25 min early and I had to convince the clerk that I lived literally 3 min down the road. I get home, print out Jay's LES, our internet bill and grab Jayson's birth certificate. I get back about 3 minutes late and their computer system is down. Really?? She argued with me because she thought I'd be late and it didn't matter because the computer system went down before she would have called me back anyway. UGH! LOL Anyway, I spent an hour at WIC to finally get all my coupons. I still haven't gotten gas but Eli was so hungry, ready to be changed and exhausted that I just went straight home. I got the kids in, changed Eli, fed him and now he's passed out. I still have so much to do. After Eli gets up, we're gonna run to the grocery store and I promised Jayson we'd go to the park. Why did I do that??

Yesterday was difficult. I don't know if many of you know but we have a dog. Her name is Violet. She's a 9 month old Black Lab. She's a great dog, I just feel like I'm to busy to tend to her. I've tasked Jay with the job of tending to her as much as he can and I'll pick up the slack while he's at work. Well yesterday, I took the kids to the hospital to get some tests done for the WIC paperwork. I got back and completely forgot about Violet. She spent maybe 6 hours in her kennel when I heard her whining upstairs at about 3:30. She had messed all over her kennel. I had to have Jay come up to help me cleaner her enough to get her down stairs with out ruining the carpet on the way. I cleaned her kennel, I thought a few times I was going to vomit it was so bad. She had puked, pooped and pissed all over the kennel. That poor dog. I feel bad. SO BAD. I just don't know if I can handle the extra responsibility. She is an awesome dog. She doesn't run off. She loves to play. We have her off her leash when we're outside playing with her and she doesn't even wander off. Jayson adores her. I'm trying to be better about it. I'm sure after a little while, I'll get into some sort of routine. We'll see.

Jay made me better by making an awesome dinner. He made the chicken, sauteed mushrooms & onions, with mashed potatoes & green beans as our sides. It was an awesome dinner. I think the fact that I didn't cook it made it taste EVEN better! LOL Now to figure out what we're going to be having tonight. Plus I need to write out a grocery list after decided which WIC coupon I'll be using.


  1. im glad you liked dinner. it had a special (cheesy yet heartfelt).

  2. Traci, before I had kids I would sometimes come home and forget about our little pup in his crate. Not saying this is a great thing to be doing, but you didn't cause her any lasting trauma (you might have caused yourself some with that mess though! LOL)
    Three cheers to Jay for stepping in with dinner (and the cheesy comment too!) I know how nice it is to have that kind of support.
    You are doing a great job as a mommy...we all have hard days and feel like we signed up for too much, but you're going to make it :)