Friday, September 10, 2010

Holiday Planning

I want to start making plans for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years always seem to just sneak up on me. We are thinking Christmas is going to be a holiday at home. We have not had a Christmas in our own home since we got married so this is going to be a special Christmas. We always move every winter so we're typically in a hotel or at a family members home for Christmas. Now I'm not sure if we're going to go somewhere for any of the other holidays or no. I'm pretty sure New Years will be spent at home.

The big thing for me is I've never hosted a Christmas for family. I guess that's a given since we've never had a Christmas in our own home together. We are hoping that family will come spend Christmas with us. So I'm going to make or buy some Christmas invitations and send them out to family in hopes that we can spend Christmas together with family. This is an attempt to bring family out to visit and celebrate Christmas together. Honestly, I want it to work out and everyone come together but I have my doubts.

Now to find a place that has cute Christmas cards or that can make some for me. Except instead of a "Merry Christmas" I want something that is more an invitation. Anyone ever done this before? I need some ideas. I'm sure since it's only September, I can make something or have something made but I haven't a clue where to start.

But I plan to decorate all around the house, inside and out. I haven't had a year where I could deck out the house. I think this year is going to be it! (Hopefully, you never can tell with the Army!) LOL

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