Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trouble, Long Nights and LOTS of Laundry!

Well, Hubby has gotten into a little bit of trouble and is now working long nights for the next few days. So I'm on my own with the two boys, who are growing so incredibly fast that it amazes me daily. I've tackled just about every bit of laundry I could scrounge up. Right now, I've got a load of diapers in. Then I'm going to do a load of clothes from the past two days. I might be able to get another load of towels in if I snatch everyones' towels from the bathrooms. But I'm pretty much done with that and it only took 2-3 days to get EVERYTHING washed. Now I think I'm going to have to do some deep down cleaning. I'll probably make the kids help me by scrubbing the walls and base boards. We'll see how motivated I am though.

Or I have seeds to plant. I could plant seeds in my garden or inside and put them into my topsy turvy tomato planter. I have lots of tomato seeds so probably in both, seeing as the tomato planter only holds one plant. I need to get some strawberry plants and/or seeds. Can I get seeds? I can't find them ANYWHERE. Only the plants and those are expensive. I suppose I don't HAVE to fill up the planter but I WANT to! LOL

I need to find other projects (low cost) for the boys and I to do while daddy is working his long hours. It's apart of being in the military, long hours or time away from home completely. We know that. This isn't hard really, just exhausting for him and me. I'm not used to having the boys completely and I wait up for him at night. The responsibilities in the house that we share are now solely on me and that's also different for me.

Fortunately, it is absolutely beautiful here in Augusta, GA. Yesterday it was 87 degrees and SUNNY! Today I believe it's supposed to be equally as beautiful and a little warmer. I want to get the kids outside and wear them out a bit, not sure when that will happen. Probably this afternoon after Eli's nap. 

I just feel like I have all this time with my kiddos, we should have some fun with it. I should get the camera out and take lots of pictures of them playing, planting and just having fun. It's so beautiful that it's motivating to get out and have fun.

I'll see where I'm at after washing the diapers and load of clothes I have. Then maybe while Eli's sleeping, Jayson and I will plant the tomato seeds. Then when Eli gets up we can just play outside, or go to the park. We've got all day!

I'll post pictures of everything tomorrow!

I'm glad I decided to blog today. :)

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